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Oquonie is a puzzle game, written in Uxntal.


Oquonie is larger than a standard 64kb rom, it makes use of the memory manager. The current memory mapping is:

0000 ram
0001 walls & maps
0002 characters
0003 characters(cont) & floors
0004 blockers
0005 events
0006 portraits & camilare


You must have an Uxn assembler and emulator. Oquonie is pretty intricate to assemble, it needs to pack the spritesheets into the rom, have a look at the build script to better understand how this is handled. For the first run, you need to pack the assets with the --assets flag, afterward, unless assets have changed, simply use .build.sh.

.build.sh --assets


Packer is a tool that takes a series of asset names and combines them into a chr file.

echo "Create characters"
cat etc/c.txt | uxncli bin/packer.rom bin/c.rom